Patient Feedback


“Just a note to thank you for your outstanding care and skill in carrying out my cataract operation recently. You explained everything properly and I went into the operation feeling that I knew exactly what to expect and being aware of there being possible problems that can arise.

’Your skill and expertise during the op were much appreciated. Sight is such a marvelous faculty and I am very grateful to you for preserving mine. I felt completely confident in your care and I shall remain in your debt. Thank you also for talking to my wife and keeping her in the picture.

With grateful thanks”


“cataract Take 1 (13.8.19)
And so I gently came down stair, the boiled water to prepare
for underneath the plastic, i could feel a very sticky eye.
Then slowly as my eyelids parted, my new vision was kick started,
long dead colours sprang to life, beauty was restored. that strife-
which i had never known existed, when life's beauty had been misted-
There it was in all it's glory, how am i to tell it's story?
I gazed through windows-well aware, that distance will not be my care
cause suddenly both far and near are sitting there and oh so clear.
Pictures gazed at over years-suddenly, detail appears.
The roses and tagetes-and Dahlias waiting for the bees
Are all for my attention vying-each and every one is typing
By their colours newly lit-waiting patiently to greet
My new found gift of sight to share-in rainbow coloured joy,I swear.
Oh expertise so slowly gathered-when your time was precious-tethered
to a learning process which-absorbed your life but gave you such
A precious gift which you now share for other's good,it brings a tear.
Yes i would like to say "THANK YOU" for seeing my bright life a new
And for the ones who cannot say, how much your gift has meant this day.


„"Full praise for the care and support of all staff in supporting her family through their difficult time and to carry on with the amazing work." ”


‟"I feel compelled to write this note as it gives me the pleasure and opportunity of thanking you and your team for the marvellous treatment that I have received. My sight is now so precise that I am able to enjoy the books that I treasure". ”


“"Thank you very much for helping us with the care of our son. Your experience and intervention has been a great help. I can not really thank you enough for the way you spoke to him and supported him. We were all so grateful to have you around for such a difficult case" ”


“"I would like to thank you for being so kind to my mother during her treatment and for prolonging her sight for so long when other doctors had given up on her." ”


“"Dear Edgbaston Eye Consultants I can't thank you enough! I wish to let you know that I have been delighted with my recent cataract surgery that you skillfully did for me." ”

JR (Mrs)

“"For all the staff at Edgbaston Eye Consultants Thank you very muchfor sorting my eye out - It is so nice to be seeing well Regards" ”

GF (Mr)